A New Trip Around The Sun

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Cheers to 24 and good riddance to 23 but that good riddance isn't completely filled with bitterness towards the year that I had. 23 was a very eye opening year for me as I experienced a lot but I learned a whole lot more. I spent almost every hour on the hour leading up to my birthday and even during my birthday trip reflecting over the person that I've grown to be and love and how I've reached that point. My life is honestly at one of the most peaceful points it's been. So I thought I'd share a few of the goals that I assigned myself to commit to during year 23 and the lessons I learned from them. Hopefully, if you have't practiced these things on your own, you'll find something that you would want to pick up on and work toward.

Showing up for people who show up for me.

It took me to read something to realize how much I was not showing up in moments around me. Whether it be an event that’s important in someone’s life, a moment to show emotional support or just being good at responding to text messages in a timely matter because someone might actually NEED something. Once I recognized that I needed to do better by this, I really submerged myself into doing the best I can for the people I love and the people that truly deserve it.

Giving no more or less than what I receive in my relationships.

In less words than more, I can simply say that this was the epitome of keeping that same energy. I learned that it’s not fair to myself to give out so much of my attention/energy/support to people who cant find the energy to reciprocate. I again, it has taken me some time to grow and learn to do my part so I am understanding that others need that same time… BUT if I see no growth in a person's action? You have to go. I’ve learned that my energy is fragile and protecting it is one of the most important things to me.

Loving the skin I’m in.

I think the transition from campus life to the real world was a very blurry one. You go from having a schedule 5 days a week where you’re running into your peers left and right and appearances and first impressions matter. (At least it did to me anyway) So I would wear make-up on a day to day and make sure my hair was laid at all times. Not realizing that I set the tone for that to be my normal. So once college ended and I had all of the scarring from those years of hormonal acne and edges being stressed from one wig to the next, I wasn’t comfortable in my own bare skin. But during year 23 I broke that habit. I started back investing into my skin care routine, drinking way more water and just trying to eat healthy overall. Let’s just say my skin is glowing (I only wear make-up on the weekends and special occasions), my edges are back and better (glue-less wigs ONLY) and I can go anywhere with my natural and feel confident.

Eating healthier.

Health is wealth and for someone like me who doesn’t like working out, outside of physical activities, eating healthy is my next best bet to keeping this body once my good genes wear off. But seriously, you only get one life and one body and if you take a step back and look at the world around you, you’ll see that there are so many causes to health risks that the risk isn’t worth it anymore. I am by no means about the vegan life but I try to remember to vegetarian and pescatarian habits to consume better foods for myself. You can honestly feel and see the difference in your skin/body when you make choices that are simple. A lemon/cucumber water over that soda. A veggie platter versus a fried entree more days than the opposite and the results will come!

Goals for 24:


Exercising my mind with more reading/less social media

Continue on the journey of finding peace

Fulfilling my purpose


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